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A liitle bit about Me
Me with my Dad


I started making Bible Covers when my Son was baptised nearly 28 years ago, I wanted a special Baptism present for him, I had no idea that other people would want me to make them covers as well.  

I started sewing when I was at school and loved it from the start, I used to design and make my own clothes, not always very well.....oh the embarrassing memories!

Repaired my Dad's jackets when the lining went at 16.

I made my wedding dress and the dresses for my Mum and Mother in law for my wedding at 17

Had a Bible study at 18 and was Baptised when I was 20, by then I had two children.

By 1986 when I made my first covers I had another two daughters, I now have four children and five and a half grandchildren.

Slowly the number of covers I was asked for increased and it was a Circuit Overseer who suggested I got a web site to advertise my work.  By then my design for the covers had changed a little to make them neater to look at, people also were asking if I could make covers for other books so I taught myself how to make a zipped cover for just about any book.  

I also had to register with the Tax man as even though I was not earning enough to pay tax, I was earning a little and it seems they want to know!  Such fun when you have to do your dreaded Tax Returns!

I did have a web site a few years ago but a virus got onto the server and my site sent out spam to all my contacts, so as I was not very well at the time and busy with other things, I let it slide until now.

So now I have a business officially and am starting a new web site with the help of my friend Earl Crooks and hope to help you keep your books smart, especially our lovely new Bible.